Opened on 7/8/2012
This tumblr is primarily dedicated to the subbed shows and performances that EXO has been on, including videos, fancams, and pictures. If there is anything missing or if you find any errors, please feel free to message me!

EXOtics watching
Anonymous sent: do u know any exo websites that basically update videos/news about exo?

fy-exo // dailyexo
Updates with the latest pictures/news/vids/fancams

SMent_EXO’s twitter
Fanbase that is very up-to-date with latest EXO news/pics/etc

kmexoplanet’s video list
Includes links to all of EXO’s appearances since debut, separated by era 

Anonymous sent: does exo have any like MTV shows like other groups?

You mean their own variety show? Not yet :c


The 13th Music Chart Awards Live April 14th 16:30 (CST) (need to download sinalive)

(info) the cctv network spring festival will air live tonight at 7pm cst (8pm kst)

a stream will be available here!

live stream of the MAMA awards (red carpet) begins in 30 minutes

& alternate link with english commentary provided by mnet here

I apologize for the lack of updates. College work and activities take up quite a bit of time. ;_;

Hopefully I can get up-to-date this weekend. :3


Anonymous sent: the exo-m link does not work it keeps on saying that the url is not found D:

DDDD: really? It works for me. Okies let me change the link and see if it works now? :O

EDIT: Okay found out why it wasn’t working, hope it works now! :D

[INTERVIEW] 120904 EXO-K on Just Love JK

cr: boonyi91

[INTERVIEW] 120903 EXO-M on Just Love JK

cr: boonyi91

[EVENT] 120903 EXO Genie AR Show with Sehun